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If you are visiting my blog for the first time you may be wondering, what exactly is Humbly Nurtured…

Well first off, WELCOME!

I am so glad that you are here! Seriously!

This is just my little slice of the internet and I am so happy to share it with you.

Humbly Nurtured is my passion and below is a bit about what it means to me.


def : not thinking of yourself as better than other people

As a new mom, I learned very quickly that the subject of parenting can be incredibly controversial. Moms especially are constantly being judged or made to feel inferior because of their personal parenting decisions.

This is something that I seek to change.

The things that I write about on this blog are meant to be empowering to other moms. They are things that I believe in, and they have really worked for me, so I want to pass them on.

My goal is to help other moms, not to shame or belittle them because they are not doing it “the right way”.

If these things work for you then GREAT! – If not, then that is okay too.

I wholeheartedly believe that as moms, we need to stick together and give one another respect and grace. After all, the future is literally in our hands.

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up


def : the care and attention given to someone or something that is growing or developing

As moms, we tend to have a “do it all” mentality and get down on ourselves when we don’t. We place expectations on ourselves daily that we must accomplish all of the laundry, all of the cleaning, and all of the cooking by ourselves – oh yeah, and making sure the kids stay alive at the same time!

The truth is, we were never meant to raise children all by ourselves.

Our ancestors lived in communities where women would help each other, give advice, and support one another through motherhood.

I want Humbly Nurtured to be your “virtual community” – A place where you can come to learn and share motherly advice. A place that you can feel comfortable and learn to care for yourself first!

Yes, I said FIRST! Because the truth is,

you cannot truly give your kids 100% without first nurturing and nourishing your own body, mind, and soul.

Through the practice of daily wellness, I believe we can raise some pretty darn awesome little adults, and live to see them raise their own children one day.

I’d love to hear from you! What do you think about moms putting themselves first and sticking together? Leave a comment or contact me here!

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