The Key To Preventing Back Pain During Pregnancy: In Just 3 Simple Steps

Back pain is abundant in today’s society and it can be particularly common during pregnancy. Unfortunately, an unhealthy spine may lead to an unhealthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your spine throughout your lifetime, but especially during this crucial baby-growing phase. The key to a back pain-free pregnancy is Continue reading

My Home Water Birth Story

On December 18,  2015, 4:04 A.M. my beautiful baby girl was born, in my bedroom, in a tub of water! My life as I knew it had forever changed. I will always remember this day and cherish the birth of my daughter. I write this with a humble confidence, to empower other women with their birthing experience. My hope is that these words will reach you in your time of need. I hope that it can motivate and inspire you, and give you encouragement in your birthing decisions.
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