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We all know that there is a vast amount of parenting information on the internet, but I think it’s important to realize that sometimes the best advice can just come from other mama’s like ourselves. It can be so healing to hear from other women that are going through (or have been through) exactly what you are. That’s, why I have decided to include a few words of wisdom from real-life natural moms when it comes to parenting. 


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Below, you will find eight beautiful parenting tips ranging from breastfeeding to gut health, all from natural moms.  My hope is that this will bring you inspiration and wisdom, as you come to realize that you are not alone in this crazy rollercoaster ride called motherhood. 
Natural Parenting Tip 
The first natural parenting tip is some amazing breastfeeding advice from a natural mama of two: 
“I had a friend ask me when do you know it’s time to stop breastfeeding while we were at her son’s 1st birthday party. I never intended to be an extended breastfeeder, especially because I struggled with my supply with my first baby and had to supplement. Somehow with the help of a lactation consultant, joining a breastfeeding group online, and dropping in on breastfeeding clinics, I was able to boost my supply and nurse until 27 months.
I think it is really up to a mom and her baby to decide when the time is right to stop. Whether it’s 3 months in or 23 months in, it’s completely up to you. Don’t feel pressured to stop on your baby’s 1st birthday because there isn’t a cutoff that you have to follow. Breastfeeding past one year has so many wonderful benefits.”
Next, another breastfeeding tip, because who doesn’t need more advice on this subject?!:

“My biggest advice is to fully educate yourself on breastfeeding, possible complications, and your options. Three doctors didn’t realize my son had a lip and tongue tie, resulting in him loosing all the weight he had gained after birth between month one and two. I had to diagnose him and fought tooth-and-nail, bring him back from failure-to-thrive and continue breastfeeding him (we are still going at 3 years).”

Krista Davis, Educated Hippie

Absolutely love this next tip! It’s the secret to parenting, folks:
“Go with your instincts. Don’t let others tell you how you should be doing something. (I was told not to cosleep by SO many people. It works for us.) If you feel that your baby (or child) needs something specifically, trust that. You have everything you need inside you to be a good mama.”
Here is some great advice about the all-too-common daily bath: 
“Kids, especially babies, don’t need daily baths! They don’t sweat or produce oils like adults and daily soapy scrubbing removes the small amount of protective oil and moisture they have. This increases skin sensitivity and dryness. Plus, unless you have a great filter, they soak up and breath in the chlorine in the bath water!” –
This next tip is one of my favorites because it involves the most important aspect of parenting… self-care: 
“Remember your own self-care, especially in the first few weeks after giving birth. As moms, we often forget about our own needs, but your body will need rest and care during the postpartum recovery process. Before you baby arrives,  I recommend making a postpartum care kit to ensure that you can tend to your own body. I also encourage new moms to nap when the baby naps (at least once per day), and get some fresh air every day. A happier mom makes all the difference.”
A few, very helpful, words on teething…:

Amber teething necklaces are a lifesaver! They offer great pain relief for teething babies and can be worn from newborn through toddlerhood. It has saved my sanity with my third child!”

Elizabeth Preble, The Semi-Crunchy Mama 

A bit on the immensely important topic of gut health:

“If there is a health issue, look at nutrition and the gut first. The health of the gut affects everything else and contains the vast majority of our immune system.  Even seemingly unrelated issues can often be resolved by something as simple as increasing nutrients that might be lacking!”

Rheagan Jones, Where The Wild Rose Grows

And lastly, a wonderful reminder on the subject of patience:   

“Remember that kids have to learn how to do stuff, they are not born knowing it. Review expectations, how to behave, what is acceptable and what is not. No one likes going into an unknown situation not knowing what to do.”  

Robbi Bittle, Timeless Mama 

I’d like to thank all of the moms that participated in this blog post. You all are wonderful mothers and I am proud to share your messages with the world. 

What natural parenting tips do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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