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6 Healthy Habits To Learn From Your Kids: That You Can Start Today!

One day, as I sat there and observed my one-year-old playing happily by herself, I noticed a few things that surprised me. She picked up objects and set them back down with perfect posture; she was so incredibly enthralled with her current activities that aside from a plane landing in our living room, her focus could not be shaken. This is when I realized that adults, maybe, could learn a thing (or two) from their kids. Here are just a few healthy habits of children that we could use a little more of, to create a happier and more fulfilled adulthood.

Healthy habits

Healthy habit #1: Good Posture

Have you ever watched your child bend over to pick something up off the floor, or squat down to look at something on the ground? Have you noticed that they maintain impeccable posture throughout these movements?!

Good posture

No one had to teach them how to move like this – it’s inherently ingrained in them. Squatting, sitting, and standing are all natural, innate movements of the body. Truthfully, we should all be able to perform them with no problems.

We are all born with this ability, but over time we simply get lazy and forget. We then have to constantly remind ourselves to sit-up-straight, and lift with our legs and not our backs.

I encourage you to watch your child the next time they are moving about and take some pointers on their impeccable posture. This is one healthy habit you will not regret implementing!

Healthy habit #2: Stay Present

We all remember holding our bladders until the absolute last second because we were so captivated by our current childhood game that we just couldn’t stop ourselves to take a much needed potty break… right?

baby in leaves

The fact is, no one is better at the simple act of being present, then our children. Except for maybe our pets, children are the absolute best at living in the moment.

Why?! Because they aren’t thinking about how awkward they felt yesterday when they ran into an old teacher at the supermarket or stressing over what shoes to wear to tomorrow’s party. They are simply, in-the-moment, all of the time.

Just watch them the next time they are at play and see how enthused they become with their current activities. It’s as if nothing else matters to them in the entire world accept what they are doing right then and there.

Healthy habit #3: See the Joy in the Little Things

As adults, we can sometimes take life a little too seriously. Appreciating the little things does not come as easily to most of us.


Children have an amazing ability to find joy in the smallest of things. They are able to laugh hard and laugh often. They can find humor and silliness in just about anything.

My daughter cracks up hysterically at the simple act of the dog barking. She loves watching the trees outside and notices how the leaves flicker as the wind blows through them.

Becoming aware of the little miracles that surround us daily, is a habit that we should surely emulate.

Healthy habit #4: Move Your Body

Ever notice how children, just simply, cannot sit still!

While this trait might be slightly annoying to most adults, there is actually something to be learned from this fidgety habit.

New studies show that fidgeting might actually be good for your health! Check out this article for more information.

kids running

The fact of the matter is that if we don’t move our bodies, they get stiff.

We need physical activity to stay strong and healthy, and not just occasionally, but on a regular, consistent basis! Sitting is the new smoking people!

Continuous movement, even if it seems insignificant, is helping our bodies to stay limber and function properly.

Kids have this down pat! Let’s take a little lesson and get moving more ourselves.

Healthy Habit #5: Be Fearless

I remember back when I was 10-years-old and first learned to surf. My brother took my sister and me out to the big, beautiful ocean to catch our first waves.

I was so incredibly excited to get into the water that fear, never even crossed my mind.

Even though I had never surfed before in my life, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it all, I was completely confident that I was going to have a great time.

And, I did!


Adults are too often afraid of the unknown. Why?

Because we get too comfortable with our humdrum lives and we don’t like the uneasy feelings we get when we try new things. We don’t like getting uncomfortable.

Kids don’t care about what will happen if they fail at a new project or how they will look to other people if they don’t get it quite right.

They actually embrace change and dive deep into new tasks with confidence and enthusiasm, despite what others think!

There are plenty of things to be scared of in this world, let’s have the audacity to take on child-like confidence in the face of it all and see what happens.

Children are excited by new adventures and I think we should be too!

Healthy habit #6: Become a Scientist

When your baby or toddler continuously drops something onto the floor, causing you to have to pick it up over and over, (despite what you might think) they are not actually doing this to infuriate you as their mother.

They are actually, just being little scientists, testing out the possibilities of the world around them. They are just exploring gravity!

Honestly, don’t you think we could all be a bit more inquisitive about our world? What could it hurt?

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

The way I see it, curiosity didn’t actually kill the cat. On the contrary, it allows us to obtain more knowledge and develop personal growth, which ultimately improves our lives.

So next time your child does something like, hurl their sippy cup across the room, try taking a different perspective – maybe they just wanted to see it fly!


I’d love to hear from you! What healthy habits have you learned from your children? Do these habits resonate with you? Leave a comment.

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Kids have the best posture! My husband and I are always saying that seeing our son sitting up so straight reminds us to do the same.


I sometimes think while watching my children that they have it all right, and somewhere along the way we manage to mess it up. 🙂 This is a great list of things we can concentrate on to try and fix that a bit!

Ashly J

I love this post! So true especially #3 and #5! My daughter actually has terrible posture lol we have been trying to help her with it.