Simple Ideas For A (Mommy) Self-Care Day

You have decided to start a weekly self-care ritual and you are extremely excited to finally get out of the house by yourself! Your husband has agreed to watch the kids for a couple of hours on Sundays and you are so ready to just relax…But what exactly are you going to go do? Where will you go? How will you spend this precious time?!


The last thing you need is to be stressing on a day where you are supposed to be relaxing, right? Fear not, mama! Here is a list of a few simple ideas that you can reference for your mommy self-care day!

First Things First

First off, ask yourself one very simple question: What do I really want to do today?

Make sure this is within reason, of course. I know we all would like to be out on a Jamaican cruise, but let’s try to be just a little more realistic. Think of something that you can possibly do, with the resources that you have, at this moment.

It’s important also, to not force yourself to do anything that you truly do not wish to do. Don’t go out of your way to do something that you actually don’t feel like doing simply because it’s your self-care day.

If you honestly just feel like sitting in front of the TV in your pajamas and watching a romantic comedy then, by all means, do it! We all need these days sometimes.

However, I recommend, if possible getting out of the house when you can. The reason for this is that it is extremely hard to experience true self-care time when you can hear your little ones screaming for you in the next room.

Not to say that you cannot do this, just be aware that your husband will conveniently be able to bring you the baby for a quick nursing session whenever he can no longer take any more of their cries. Believe me, this will happen!

Simple self-care ideas

Take one or several of these ideas and suit them to your individual needs. Here are just a few to help you get started.

Self-careA Quiet Coffee Hour

Hit up your favorite coffee shop for a quiet morning of reflection. Enjoy journaling or reading while you sip on hot coffee at your local café. You can reflect on the past week as you journal about the funny things your child did or what you are grateful for.



Self-carePlan a Mommy Date

Meet up with an old (or new) mommy friend and chat about your crazy lives together. Parenting can be overwhelming at times and it’s nice to be able to talk it out with someone who is going through similar experiences.


Self-careSchedule A Mani/Pedi

Make an appointment to have your nails done! The products being used may not be perfectly organic but the mental healing that you will gain while getting those feet pampered will likely outweigh any of the potential negative effects of the chemicals.


Self-careGet Physical

Working out can be a great way to spend your self-care day. Exercise is a proven mood booster and will get those endorphins kickin’. You could do a quick 15-minute exercise video or pump it out at the gym for two hours. It’s completely up to you, just make sure it’s something that you truly enjoy doing!

Self-careBecome A Mindful Mama

Yoga and meditation are powerful ways that you can unwind and de-stress. If you’re new to meditation, you can try simply closing your eyes and just focusing on your breath for five minutes. You could also sign up at a local yoga studio and schedule out a few sessions throughout the week.

Self-careHave A Spa Day

Sometimes moms just need to be pampered and prettied up to feel good. Make an appointment at a local spa or create your own spa at home. Start by taking a long hot bath. Then put on a soothing face mask while you paint your toenails. Afterward, fix up your hair and put on a little make-up!

Self-careCurl Up With A Good Book

For those lazy days when you just don’t want to do much, find a quiet spot and curl up with one of your favorite novels. It’s nice to get lost in a fairytale story every once and a while. Check out some of my favorites here.


Self-careSpend Time In Nature

One of my favorite ways to recharge is to spend some time outside. If the weather is right, try going for a hike at one of your favorite spots. Soak up the sun and get a little extra vitamin D that your bodies been craving. Think of any activity outdoors that seems enjoyable to you, and go do it!

What will you do for your next self-care day? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

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Amazing beautiful momma! So inspiring for those who are moms already, but also for us aspiring moms 🙂